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Managing Grief

“Camp Cope on Demand” Video Series

By Adam's Place / March 24, 2020

Even as our Camp Cope Sessions are postponed due to the COVID 19 pandemic, it doesn’t mean we have stopped working for you! Starting next week, we are launching our “Camp Cope on Demand” video series in collaboration with our new yoga coordinator, Shelley Price. The videos will showcase yoga moves along with breathing exercises […]

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La pérdida de un ser querido - Adam's Place

La pérdida de un ser querido

By Adam's Place / March 7, 2019

Para niños, adolescentes y familias que han experimentado la pérdida de un ser querido

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Grief: Children and Families

Grief: Children and Families – Two Touching Videos

By Adam's Place / January 25, 2019

Children and Grief This video provides an insider view of children who have been affected by grief. It details how their loved one died and who informed them of their passing. Ages of the participants range from 4 to 14 years old. This video also touches on the emotions that each age group feels when […]

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Crying Child - Grief Lingers as Special Needs Children Struggle to Comprehend Eternity

Grief Lingers as Special Needs Children Struggle to Comprehend Eternity

By Adam's Place / June 5, 2018

Special needs children have a unique view of the world. Many don’t see it for the bad that hides just beneath the surface; instead, these untainted souls choose to soak up God’s glory in each moment. However, when someone dies, this enthusiasm for life can turn to confusion as children struggle to understand what it […]

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