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Types of Volunteers
Camp Cope Group Facilitators

Co-lead Camp Cope grief peer support groups for children, teens, or adults. Help participants share their grief stories, learn healthy coping skills, and build connections using a structured curriculum of topics and activities. A background check and nine hours of facilitator training are required. Following training, volunteers make a two hour per month, one year commitment.

Camp Cope Group Night Assistants

Volunteer at Camp Cope group nights to support the group night schedule. Assist with wayfinding, registration, administering participant surveys, serving snacks, and other similar tasks.

Special Event/Project Volunteers

Help support Adam's Place in the community at our Camp Cope Family Community Activities and Fundraising or Resource Table Events.

Teen Volunteers

Teens interested in volunteering can serve as Special Event/Project Volunteers (freshman in highschool or older) or Camp Cope Group Night Assistants (must be at least 16 years of age).

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