Olivia Salinas, UNLV BSW Practicum Student

Adam’s Place has given me the opportunity to see how necessary grief support is, especially with the world we’re living in today. Almost everyone has experienced some kind of significant loss in their life, but not everyone has access to the mental health services they may need to process that loss in a healthy way. For Adam’s Place to be able to provide their resources at no cost allows people from all walks of life to start their healing journey. While they offer assistance to all ages, their curriculum is geared towards children and teens, which is an incredibly vulnerable population. I have been able to see how the support groups help teens with their ability to talk about their loss and talk about how they have honestly felt. These teens feel like they can truly open up without fear or worry of upsetting anyone because us as facilitators have been trained to allow them their own space and our open ears. With everything going on in the world today, all the death and heightened emotions, I believe the work Adam’s Place is doing can do so much good for so many people, especially young children and teens.