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National Alliance for Grieving Children – Holiday Toolkit

National Alliance for Grieving Children - Holiday Toolkit

Supporting Grieving Children During the Season of Family

The season that begins Thanksgiving and continues through the New Year could be called the “season of family.” During this time of year, regardless of which holidays you celebrate, what faith or culture you honor, there is an emphasis on family – a heightened awareness of the importance of family while we gather and celebrate.

The reverse is also true, there is a heightened awareness of those missing, those not at the table or at the special gathering.

It is important we recognize and honor our traditions and celebrate family while honoring the loved shared and memories of family members that have died. The “Season of Family” provides us an opportunity to celebrate and remember those loved ones who have been important to us.

During the season, we have an opportunity to decide as family units to hold on to past traditions that have been important to us, to let go of the traditions that are no longer feasible, and to create new traditions that honor the past as well as move us forward as a family. This holiday toolkit is provided with the hopes it will provide ideas and inspiration for families to celebrate loved ones, those present and those who have died.

We hope together your family will create conversations and activities to honor the holiday season and your loved ones. Please join NAGC as together we celebrate the “SEASON OF FAMILY.”

Download the Holiday Toolkit (PDF)