Adam’s Place provides grief services for children, teens and families in a peer support group setting. We have trained volunteer facilitators who lead and encourage group members to express the many feelings that are a part of the grieving process. We have open-ended sessions that have no definition of completion. Grief support group members begin at any time and continue for as long as they feel comfortable. We offer a safe and confidential home life setting for group members to discuss and share with others who share similar life changing experiences. Adam’s Place provides grief services at no charge to the families. We are a non-denominational organization who respects all belief systems. Learn more about peer support groups for: Sign up for support by clicking the button above and we will contact you within 24-48 hours to schedule orientation. This is a 30-minute meeting to come together to see if our grief services are right for your family. We hold orientation every other Tuesday during the school year at 4:30 PM at Adam’s Place. Adam’s Place also offers grief services in school or with an employer if needed. Please contact us to learn more.