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May 2024 – Newsletter


7 Strategies to Help Children Maintain Structure During the Summer

While summer promises freedom and leisure for many children, maintaining a sense of structure amidst the relaxed atmosphere can contribute significantly to their well-being. Though we encourage kids to embrace the joys of summer, we understand that consistency and routine provide a comforting framework for their daily lives. By upholding certain routines and expectations, such as set bedtimes and chores, parents can facilitate a smoother transition back to the school routine in the fall while reinforcing the notion that structure and enjoyment can coexist harmoniously.

Here are seven actionable ways to support this balance:

1. Establish consistent bedtimes, wake-up times, and daily routines, maintaining a sense of stability throughout the summer months.
2. Maintain household rules and chore charts to uphold expectations, allowing for flexibility while ensuring children remain aware of responsibilities.
3. Display a visible schedule for children to anticipate activities, fostering a sense of predictability and reducing surprises.
4. Encourage regular meal times to ensure proper nutrition and hydration, while also structuring the day into manageable segments.
5. Engage children in summer activities like camps or sports to promote physical activity and socialization, which often come with their own schedules.
6. Ease back into the school routine gradually before the academic year begins, ironing out any challenges or adjustments in advance.
7. Above all, prioritize quality time and enjoyment with your children, creating lasting memories amidst the structure and routine of summer.
Thank you to everybody who came out to our first annual
Chip in for Children Golf Tournament
We are so grateful for the incredible turnout!🏌️‍♂️ Your support made it a success beyond our wildest dreams. We look forward to making even more memories next year!
Please visit www.adamsplacelv.org to access additional photographs from our First Annual Chip in for Children Golf Tournament!
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Join us at Adam's Place for our annual Vintage and Vibes fundraising event. 🍷🎶
This fabulous soirée promises an evening filled with dancing, wine and food tastings, and live entertainment that will leave you with unforgettable memories.Come together with us to support a fantastic local charity while enjoying a night of vintage vibes and endless fun!
See you there! 🕺🍇🎵

Unable to attend? No worries! You can still make a meaningful impact by contributing on our website and supporting our mission. Every donation counts and helps us continue our important work.
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Camp Cope extends its heartfelt gratitude to the families who have entrusted us with their stories and emotions this season. As we conclude, we eagerly anticipate our fall sessions, ready to offer sanctuary, understanding, and tailored support across three locations: Henderson, Summerlin, and Centennial Hills.

Registration for Fall 2024 Camp Cope is now open at www.adamsplacelv.org.
Join us as we journey together towards resilience and renewal. Your presence is invaluable.

Register for Fall 2024 Camp Cope TODAY!
Join us in honoring your loved ones with our Electronic Quilt of Remembrance! 🌟
Send us an email between May 4th to May 18th with a brief description of your special person, along with the rituals or traditions you use to remember them, and a cherished picture.
Let's create a beautiful tribute together.
Embrace healing and connection at Adam's Place FREE Virtual Adult Grief Support Group, THIRD THURSDAY! 🌷
Join Dr. Paul Clements and Dr. Theresa Fay-Hillier for an uplifting conversation on May 16th, 6-7 pm. Let's foster understanding and compassion together! 💬
Whether you're a regular attendee or dropping in for the first time, your presence is valued. See you there! 🌱Please note: Third Thursday will not held during the months of June, July, and August and will return on September 19th!
Mark your calendars and join us then for our next session!
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Adam’s Place is looking for individuals to help co-facilitate Camp Cope peer support groups for children, teens, and adults experiencing grief and loss once a month.

Camp Cope Programs will be held September to November 2024 and January to April 2025.

Join a great network of volunteers to help support Camp Cope families in your community.

We have program locations in Henderson, Summerlin, and Centennial Hills.

Save the date!
Facilitator training will be held on August 24th, 2024!

Fill out the volunteer interest form HERE!
Kelly Thomas-Boyers was recently highlighted on Tony Rose's Go Beyond Numbers podcast! Be sure to click here to give this episode "Support for Families and Children Experiencing Loss with Kelly Thomas Boyers" a listen!
Thrilling news: Adam's Place is an
approved ASWB provider,
ensuring excellence in every learning experience!Dive into top-notch educational opportunities with Adam's Place Education and Training Marketplace! We are dedicated to empowering professionals and community members engaging with grieving children, teens, and families!

Learn about our Membership Options!
Adam's Place kindly requests your support. Your contribution plays a pivotal role in enabling us to provide essential services such as Camp Cope and a range of resources tailored to meet the needs of families facing grief and loss. No donation is too small, as each dollar contributes significantly to our mission of establishing a supportive community where no one undergoes the journey of grief alone. Your generosity has the potential to make a meaningful impact, providing hope and healing to those in search of solace. We sincerely appreciate your consideration of Adam's Place in your philanthropic endeavors.
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Adam’s Place is proud to announce the continued commitment of the Richard Harris Law Firm as our 2023/2024 Community Partner.

Thank you Richard Harris Law Firm for your investment in our community and in our mission of support for children, teens and families coping with loss and grief.

**Our program would not be possible without the generosity of individual and corporate donors, grants, and fundraisers. Every dollar raised stays local in Las Vegas and goes toward supporting families whose lives have been impacted by grief and loss.

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