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KLAS TV’s “What’s Cool at School” Segment Highlights Adam’s Place Partnership with Lied STEM Academy

“What’s Cool at School” Segment Highlights Adam’s Place Partnership with Lied STEM Academy.

Adam’s Place will be featured in an upcoming episode of KLAS-TV’s “What’s Cool at School” segment.

The “What’s Cool at School” episode, which will air on various newscasts starting March 13th, will highlight Adam’s Place partnership with Lied STEM Academy through the “In-School Camp Cope” Program.

Camp Cope is Adam’s place’s core program for youth, ages 5-18, which focuses on equipping children and teens with healthy coping skills to move forward after losing their loved ones. The program is facilitated by trained staff and volunteers and consists of 8 sessions spanning 16 weeks.

Our “In-School Program”uses Camp Cope Curriculum, but defines loss to also include deportation, incarceration, illness, divorce and death. Adam’s Place works closely with the social worker and/or counselor staff at the school to designate a time and space to take Camp Cope into a campus setting. The experience is meant to help the students connect with peers to decrease isolation, build confidence, and increase communication skills.

According to Frances Young, a clinical social work intern at Lied STEM Academy, there are 12 students currently enrolled in the “In-School Camp Cope” session at the middle school. They range in age from 11-14 years old and had been referred to the camp, by either a teacher, school counselor, administrator and/or parents and caregivers.

“As a social worker, it is very important to be in touch with community resources all over the valley,” said Young. “The mental health community is small and collaborative efforts to help children have been effective. Adam’s Place is one of a kind in their help with children and a partnership I rely on heavily. There have been students that continued on their care at Adam’s Place and also attended all their amazing events. The more help, the better for the students.”

12 year old Liam Seymour is a 6th grader at Lied STEM Academy. He lost his mother last year and said his experience at Camp Cope has been very helpful for him and his family.

“It really helps me deal with my stress and calm down my emotions, said Seymour. “Having someone to talk with is probably the best thing about Camp Cope. It helps us get rid of our anger and our sadness and to know that whatever we are going through, we can make it out without making the situation worse.”

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