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Interns Perspective – by Roanne

For Irina and I, this is our first internship while attending Nevada State College. Even though it has only been a little over a month, Irina and I have learned many things here at Adam’s Place. We learned about healthy coping skills, took a facilitator training course to become certified facilitators, and many more. We are thoroughly enjoying our time here and look forward to when we have our group sessions with the families and working with Kelly, and senior facilitators.

Tough Times
Going through TOUGH TIMES can be an even greater burden without a good support system. Here are a few ways to encourage and comfort someone in your life.

Encourage with Kind Words
Let your friend or family member know how special and loved they are. A greeting or compliment can go a long way when someone’s not feeling so great about their current situation.

Acknowledge Their Struggle
Sometimes it feels easier to not say anything at all due to the fear of saying the wrong thing. But, ignoring someone’s heartache brings more pain and loneliness. Instead, simply say “I’m sorry. My heart goes out to you” or “Keeping you in my thoughts and sending all my love.”

Stay Sensitive to Everyday Grief Bursts
A song. A special day of the week you shared. Special Holiday Memories. The list is endless when it comes to daily moments that might make a person’s heart feel a little heavier.

Lend a Helping Hand
Prepare a nice comforting meal. Help change that light bulb that’s been out for a year. A little bit of help can brighten anyone’s mood!

Create a Calendar of Fun
Make a colorful calendar of fun to do for when your friend is raring to go out again. Or if a special celebration is coming up like a birthday, or Christmas. Looking forward to happy times will lift their spirits.

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