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February 2024 – Newsletter

Navigating Grief in the Shadow of Love: A Journey Through February’s Challenges

Grieving during a month that celebrates love and relationships presents distinctive challenges. February, adorned with heart-shaped symbols and romantic expectations, can magnify the sense of loss for those grieving.

To navigate this challenging time, alternative approaches can provide solace. Focusing on self-love becomes a transformative act of healing. Redirecting attention to personal well-being through self-care rituals, self-reflection, and indulging in individual pleasures can offer a respite from the societal pressures of the day.

Alternatively, honoring the memory of our loved one shifts the narrative. Creating meaningful rituals, sharing memories with others, or engaging in activities that celebrate the enduring impact of our loved ones can help transform the day into a celebration of love!

In essence, acknowledging the challenges of grieving during a month centered around love and relationships opens the door to alternative perspectives. By embracing self-love or honoring the memory of our loved ones, we can find strength and healing amidst the emotional complexities of February.

Dive into the world of healing stories! 📚 Join us for an exhilarating webinar presented by the authors themselves! Explore 'The Invisible String' and discover how this captivating book becomes a powerful therapeutic tool for children's grief support groups. 🌈 Gain knowledge, ignite compassion, and earn CE credits!

Approved for Nevada Department of Education, MFTs, CPCs, and ASWB. Let's weave a web of understanding together! 🌟
Don't Miss out on this Incredible Opportunity!

Camp Cope unfolds as a sanctuary of trust, inviting participants to openly share their narratives, articulate emotions tied to grief, and foster constructive coping skills in a confidential setting. Meticulously organized, the program tailors its themes and activities to the distinctive needs of each age group, all under the guidance of skilled volunteer facilitators.
Camp Cope has expanded and is available in two locations, Summerlin and Henderson!
*Our Summerlin Camp Cope has reached full capacity*
Join us this February for enlightening sessions on "Building Your Toolbox" and "Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda." These discussions are crafted to offer insight, support, and practical tools for navigating the intricate emotional terrain that accompanies grief.
Save the dates:
February 27th in Summerlin
February 20th in Henderson

Your presence is significant, and together, we embark on a journey towards resilience and renewal. We look forward to welcoming you at our upcoming Camp Cope sessions.

Register for Henderson Camp Cope!
Welcome our New School Camp Cope Partners: D.L. “Dusty” Dickens Elementary School and Northwest Career and Technical Academy
Spotlight on Desiree Mulitalo, D.L. Dusty Dickens Elementary School Counselor

D.L. “Dusty” Dickens Elementary School Counselor, Desiree Mulitalo, recently shared her school’s journey to becoming a Camp Cope School. Recognizing that there were many students in need of grief support services, Desiree began advocating for her school administration to help her bring Camp Cope to their school. Desiree’s advocacy was successful, and she and her school social work colleague attended Camp Cope Facilitator Training with Adam’s Place in January. Desiree shared they already have six families ready to participate. Join us in wishing Desiree and D.L. Dusty Dickens Elementary School Congratulations on the launch of their Camp Cope Program!

Step into the embrace of empathy with Adam's Place Virtual Adult Grief Support Group, Third Thursday!

Join us for a heartfelt conversation guided by Dr. Paul Clements and Dr. Theresa Fay-Hillier, forging connections and understanding on
February 15th from 6 pm to 7 pm.

Join this Heartfelt Conversation

Lace up, hydrate, and let the family fun begin! 🌟

Join us at the Camp Cope Fun Family Event, where we're STEPPING into a day of exercise, laughter, and the creation of cherished memories. Bring your loved ones, tie those shoelaces tight, and let's have some fun! 💪👟

Adam's Place is actively seeking dedicated individuals to lend their expertise in areas such as administrative duties, marketing initiatives, event coordination, and beyond.

Your distinctive talents have the power to make a significant difference. Be part of our mission to create a supportive community for those navigating grief. Sign up to VOLUNTEER today and let's build a foundation of compassion TOGETHER!

Your commitment can truly shape the lives of those we aim to support.

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Thrilling news: Adam's Place is now an
approved ASWB provider,
ensuring excellence in every learning experience!Dive into top-notch educational opportunities with Adam's Place Education and Training Marketplace! We are dedicated to empowering professionals and community members engaging with grieving children, teens, and families!

Learn about our Membership Options!
Adam's Place kindly requests your support. Your contribution plays a pivotal role in enabling us to provide essential services such as Camp Cope and a range of resources tailored to meet the needs of families facing grief and loss. No donation is too small, as each dollar contributes significantly to our mission of establishing a supportive community where no one undergoes the journey of grief alone. Your generosity has the potential to make a meaningful impact, providing hope and healing to those in search of solace. We sincerely appreciate your consideration of Adam's Place in your philanthropic endeavors.
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Adam’s Place is proud to announce the continued commitment of the Richard Harris Law Firm as our 2023/2024 Community Partner.

Thank you Richard Harris Law Firm for your investment in our community and in our mission of support for children, teens and families coping with loss and grief.

**Our program would not be possible without the generosity of individual and corporate donors, grants, and fundraisers. Every dollar raised stays local in Las Vegas and goes toward supporting families whose lives have been impacted by grief and loss.

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