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Anna’s Story

"This picture was taken at her dance recital last year. She is an amazing dancer and I love this picture of us." - Anna

Hello, my name is Anna and I would like to share my experience with Adam’s Place. My daughter Grace lost her father due to tragic circumstances during the summer of 2016. His sudden death was a shock to his family and friends. But for my 6 year old daughter, his death has impacted her life on a daily basis.

My daughter’s school counselor referred me to Adam’s Place after her father’s death. Upon meeting the founder Kelly, I felt confident with allowing my daughter to attend the bi-weekly meetings for her age group. Grace immediately felt a bond with the other children who shared their stories of losing a loved one. She has learned to share and talk about the loss of her father in a way that is comforting and normal in a group setting.

"This is one my favorite photos of Grace and her father. He surprised us and showed up for her first dance recital and made her so happy" - Grace's Mommy

The group is led by trained volunteers who give the children support through games or activities that promote dealing with feelings. Grace looks forward to talking and playing games with the other children in her group every other Tuesday.

The first birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Father or Mother’s Day, graduation, or dance recital after the loss of a parent is so hard for the child and surviving parent. I experienced all of these after the death of my daughter’s father, and Adam’s Place gave me support and the tools to handle the situations in a positive way for my daughter. Adam’s Place offers group meetings for the adults and that has been a life saver for me as a single working mom who has struggled with daily issues on my own. After the death, I felt anger, sadness, frustration, shock, and struggled with the mess her father left me to figure out and make right for our daughter. Adam’s Place gave me the support and resources to handle financial, legal, and emotional issues in a positive and effective way to benefit me and my daughter.

The gratitude I feel in my heart for Adam’s Place and the volunteers is endless and has changed the life of my daughter in a positive way. After a tragic situation, Adam’s Place has given my 7 year old daughter Grace a positive and happy place to learn how to heal from a great loss and just be happy child with a happy mommy. Please give Adam’s Place the opportunity to receive funding to continue the positive and generous work that is changing the lives of children. Thank you for your time and reading about my experience with Adam’s Place.


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