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Adam’s Place launches Zoom support meetings to help community during the Covid 19 pandemic

Adam’s Place, a local nonprofit that provides grief support for kids, teens and families, is offering a new platform to help those coping with loss while navigating the reality of the Corona virus pandemic.

The staff and volunteer facilitators at Adam’s Place are holding “Zoom Camp Cope” in lieu of in-person meetings, as the state continues its mandated social distancing guidelines. Registration for “Zoom Camp Cope” is now underway.

The online support meetings are happening every other week from now through June 16th. Each session, powered through Zoom, focuses on a variety of themes meant to help those impacted by loss, develop healthy coping skills. There are separate virtual meetings targeting different age groups from the “littles” (5-7 years old), “middles” (8 -12 years old ), “teens” (13-18 years old ) and parents & adults.

“Each group is unique and special,” said Adam’s Place volunteer, Nancy Gabriel. “The joy I get is watching them connect with each other. Obviously right now we can’t connect in person, but any proactive step that Adam’s Place is taking to keep our families in touch and talking about how they are all feeling, is a good thing.”

Adam’s Place is also offering other virtual resources to support local families, which includes the “Camp Cope on Demand” video series featuring yoga coordinator Shelley Price. The videos, posted on Adam Place’s Facebook Page, feature easy to follow yoga and breathing exercises aimed at helping kids & adults boost their healthy coping skills while in quarantine.

Adam’s Place currently works with more than 300 youths every year. The non-profit also provides quarterly workshops on healthy coping skills for adults, along with training for teachers, counselors, and social workers. A new program called “Music U” is a collaboration with local musical mentors giving children a chance to expand their coping skills in a healthy way. Other ongoing services include Junior Camp Cope, Adult Parenting Skills Programs, In-School Camp Cope Programs, Quarterly Healthy Coping Workshops, Quarterly Family Connections Events, Spring Well Corporate Employee training and On-Site Support Group Facilitation, along with Motivational Guest Speaker Engagements.

For more information about Adam’s Place and how to register for upcoming programs, explore this site or call 702.202.3891.

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