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Adam’s Place Expands Outreach Efforts in Recognition of Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day

The widespread anxiety and fear over the COVID19 Pandemic are resulting in greater awareness of the importance of mental health resources.

Local nonprofit, Adam’s Place, is responding to this growing need by expanding its outreach efforts during Mental Health Awareness month in May and specifically, Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day on May 7th, 2020.

The staff and volunteer facilitators at Adam’s Place are now offering bi-monthly “Zoom” support meetings to help children, teens, and families cope with loss, while the state is under mandated social distancing guidelines. These virtual meetings discuss a variety of themes, aimed at building community connections so participants know they are not alone during these challenging times. The groups are broken up into the littles (5-7 years old), the middles (8-12 years old), the teens (13-18 years old) and parents & adults.

“Children learn through play,” said Adam’s Place Founder, Kelly Thomas Boyers. “It’s important to take a few minutes and play simple games. We suggest taking an ordinary plastic ball, write questions for the kids to answer. When you throw the ball to the child, the child answers the question under their right thumb. It’s fun and a way to start conversations. Parents, right now listening to your child’s fears or other emotions is really important. Validation goes a long way in helping a child feel heard and understood.”

Adam’s Place supports the state of Nevada’s campaign to promote youth’s mental health at www.HopeMeansNevada.org. The mission is to provide access to mental health resources to communities across the state. Here are some tips from experts on how you can help others:

  • Check in with five friends to see if they are okay.
  • Be present and listen to what others are thinking and feeling.
  • Help them find help and point them to local mental health resources in your community.

Adam’s Place is also continuing to offer other virtual resources, including the “Camp Cope on Demand” video series. They feature simple breathing and yoga exercises to help children and families build healthy coping skills. New videos are posted weekly on Adam’s Place Facebook page.

Adam’s Place currently works with more than 300 youths every year. The non-profit also provides quarterly workshops on healthy coping skills for adults, along with training for teachers, counselors, and social workers. A new program called “Music U” is a collaboration with local musical mentors giving children a chance to expand their coping skills in a healthy way. Other ongoing services include Junior Camp Cope, Adult Parenting Skills Programs, In-School Camp Cope Programs, Quarterly Healthy Coping Workshops, Quarterly Family Connections Events, Spring Well Corporate Employee training and On- Site Support Group Facilitation, along with Motivational Guest Speaker Engagements.

Donations and sponsorships for Adam’s Place programs and services are always appreciated. All of the money received stays here in the local community.

For more information on how to support Adam’s Place and ways register for upcoming programs, explore AdamsPlaceLV.org or call 702.202.3891.

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