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Adam's Place Camp Cope Program

Our 8-week Program, Camp Cope, is offered two times a year: Fall Camp and Winter Camp. The bonds created with peers, coping skills acquired, and confidence gained, help our children to increase school attendance, school performance, gain a sense of security, build confidence, and most importantly restore hope.

Take a peak at some of the highlights from our latest session "Building Your Toolbox".

Children dealing with loss are vastly overlooked in society at large and in schools in particular. Our Camp Cope Programs have the largest group of children to date and we are at maximum capacity. Our services are in high demand and in order to continue providing support for children and families experiencing loss, we need help from our community.

Our 2020 goal is to not only expand our Adam's Place Training Facility but to partner with our community schools to bring Camp Cope into their facilities. We have successfully lead Camp Cope at LIED Stem Academy and are currently running the program at Rancho High School.
These losses are powerful and often overwhelming, leaving children with intense feelings of pain, anger, fear, and guilt. Left unresolved, these emotions can inhibit a child's natural growth and can push them down a path of bad choices.

Studies show that grieving children can have:

• Increased depression and anxiety throughout childhood and adulthood
• Decreased academic performance
• Increased probability of delinquency
• Increased probability of drug use
• Increased probability of early sexual activity and teen pregnancy
• Increased probability of gang involvement

With the help of our community, we would be able to grow the capacity of our current programs, expand our outreach, and advance research beyond our landmark studies currently underway. In short, we help kids heal, creating a stronger community.

Visit https://adamsplacelv.org/support-us/ to learn how you can help us build strong hearts in our community!

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