Meet The Staff

Karen Stevens

Director of Community Partnerships

Sarah Thoman

Director of Facilitator Training

Kristin Nelson

Field Supervisor, MSW

Patranya Bhoolsuwan

Media Consultant

Job description: Manages day to day public relations, marketing and social media strategies for Adam’s Place. Create weekly digital content and press releases. Organize community events and oversee interns assigned to public relations and social media.

Hobbies: I love travel & food so much so I have my own Youtube Channel dedicated to it called “Patranya Plates”.

Why Adam’s Place: I got to know Kelly and Adam’s Place when I covered it as a news reporter more than a decade ago. I admire what this nonprofit is doing to help kids, teens, and families experiencing grief & loss. I want to do my part to help get the word out about this amazing organization and the work it does for the community.


Meet The Interns

Name: Adie A.

Job Description: In-Person Facilitator, activity coordinator, and Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist advisor

Hobbies: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, American Sign Language, running, my puppy, anything to do with Halloween, and currently being pregnant!

Why Adam’s Place: I would like to become a sex therapist with my master’s in social work degree. So, I was excited to learn more about how to work with people who are experiencing loss and grief since research shows this can have an impact on the sexual relationship. I have also been working with youth at a residential treatment center and have loved learning more tasks to apply to them since most of them have experienced severe loss and trauma throughout their lives. 


Name: Lennyrose P.

Job Description: Bachelor of Social Work student at UNLV, Virtual Facilitator for Camp Cope programs, and Website coordinator

Hobbies: My favorite hobbies are cooking, listening to music, doing yoga, reading, arts and crafts, window shopping, and watching tv. 

Why Adam’s Place: I chose Adam’s Place because I like their mission of providing support through Camp Cope programs and other resources to our community especially to these vulnerable children during their difficult times. I have always had compassion for kids and plan to focus on serving children and teens after I graduate. Additionally, I also want to learn more about healthy coping skills, gain more knowledge, and hoping to make a difference in people’s lives. I have several losses in my family as well, therefore, I can certainly relate to what they are going through. I believe that Adam’s Place is doing such a great job of providing group support, especially during this unprecedented time that we are all experiencing. Their full dedication is evident, and I am proud to be part of this great local non-profit organization.


Name: Gissel A.

Job Description: UNLV Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Student, Camp Cope Virtual Facilitator, Latinx Activity Coordinator, Spanish Program Coordinator

Hobbies: Watching Leonardo DiCaprio and Marvel movies, baking sweets for loved ones, escape rooms, enjoying nature, exploring new spots in nature, spending time with my significant other, family time, listening to music 

Why Adam’s Place: 

Hello! My name is Gissel, and I am a UNLV practicum student at Adam's Place. I chose to work with Adam's Place because I want to help children and families that are experiencing loss and grief. In my life, I have lost a few loved ones and after receiving help with the grief I was experiencing, I had a huge urge to help others as well. I started looking into grief ministries at my church and then looking for related practicum sites for my BSW practicum program. Finally, I found Adam’s Place, and I fell completely in love! I am excited to create a safe space for others where I can offer my warm support and I feel so lucky to be a BSW practicum student at this wonderful non-profit. My goal is to graduate with a BSW at UNLV this fall and earn my master’s degree in social work so that I can work with children in school settings!


Name: Kaleah T.

Job Description: UNLV Master of Social Work (MSW) Student, Camp Cope Virtual Facilitator, Outreach Coordinator

Hobbies: Reading, building Legos, board games, Marvel movies, embroidery, plants, traveling

Why Adam’s Place:

Hi! My name is Kaleah, and I am currently a UNLV Master of Social Work Student. I chose Adam’s Place because I wanted the opportunity to work with children who are experiencing grief and loss. I have previously worked with individuals who are in hospice and my perspective on life changed. I found that I valued life itself more and I wanted to show this to other individuals, as well as help them with whatever is needed.

Feelings of grief and loss can be difficult to manage, especially for children. I want to be able to help these children by offering them a safe place to connect with others. I believe that what I learn here at Adam’s Place I will treasure throughout the rest of my social work career. After I graduate, I would like to become a hospice social worker, and potentially a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. When I become more experienced in the field, I would like to open my own non-profit organization. I have not yet found my target population, but I know I will find it once I develop my career.


Name: Jerilynn K.

Job Description: UNLV Bachelors Social Work Student, intern at Adam’s Place, a trained facilitator for the teens group Camp Cope

Hobbies: I write, draw, paint, and do crafts for both recreational and stress-relief. I like to sing and listen to classical piano and nature sounds too. I love Disney (especially the classics), musicals, and reading books. I like to learn. History is one of my favorite subjects, so I love to watch history documentaries. 

Why Adam’s Place: I came to Adam’s Place when I was 15 years old, 11 years ago, after the loss of my father. His death impacted my eventual career choice, along with my mother’s inspirational career as a licensed clinical social worker. You may consider her as a therapist. Once I graduate with my bachelors in the spring next year, I will pursue my masters so I will eventually get my master’s degree and test for my license. I want to work with trauma. I am not quite certain where I want to go with that yet since “trauma” is a broad term”. Adam’s Place is a start. People, especially children and teens, should have resources to find one another. It makes a big difference. 


Name: Kayla W.

Job description: Assist in compiling data for monthly reports, creation of monthly reports. Editor of Monthly or biweekly Newsletter. Assist in supporting tasks and projects of the Manager of Community Partnerships and Volunteer Programs

Hobbies: Lately, I have really been into traveling. I recently went to Los Angeles to visit the Griffith Observatory. When I am not traveling or going to concerts, I love to read and to draw! 

Why Adam’s Place: I wanted to intern at Adam’s Place to learn more about grief and how to better support children going through a hard time. I find the Camp Cope curriculum so interesting, and I have been having a blast learning how a nonprofit function! 


Name: Nicole R

Job description: UNLV Bachelors of Social Work Intern, Social Media Intern, Diversity and Non-discrimination facilitator, In-person and virtual facilitator 

Hobbies: My second love after social work and volunteering is fashion/beauty. I love getting ready in the morning and looking my best. I also enjoy drawing, painting, and writing. All of these are good outlets when I need time to relax.

Why Adam’s Place: After I obtain my bachelor’s degree in Social Work, I hope to become a child counselor and specialize in childhood trauma. I want my work to give children a voice and help them grow happily.